5 Skills That Will Impress Every Hiring Manager

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There are many important skills that managers look for while they are hiring people.  The Muse, interviewed some big named companies and some smaller companies and they all came up with five skills that they look for in candidates that they want to hire.  It is very important to tune up these skills that are very important to have while in search for a job.  Some of these skills that every company big or small is looking for is quantitative analysis.  Data is the backbone of many organizations, and your ability to organize, analyze, interpret, and present that data is important whether you’re creating an app or looking for ways to attract new customers.  This is an important skill to have and it will set you apart from other candidates.  Another key skill is knowing how to use Exel.  What’s the most important tool in your quantitative analysis arsenal? Excel. While you can learn how to use it on the job, many jobs don’t want (or don’t have time) to teach employees how to do it.  Creative thinking is another excellent skill that is vital to the work force now.  This is a hard skill to teach or learn, but the ability to think creatively can make a huge difference in the way a hiring manager views you. With the business world changing faster than ever, employers are excited by innovators and those who look beyond the status quo.  Communication skills are vital as well.  Employers are looking for strong communication skills from the get-go. They want to know that you will effectively represent the company when communicating with colleagues and clients in emails, phone calls, meetings, presentations, and day-to-day work. Most importantly, they want to see that you’re able to clearly share your point of view in a concise and professional way.  And last but not least, humility.  This answer may seem surprising, but employers were quick to point out that it’s an in-demand skill. Sure, companies want you to come in confident and excited, but they also value flexibility and a willingness to learn, especially in new hires.

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