6 Ways To Get Noticed At Work Without Self-Promotion

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This Forbes article highlights how there are a few things that can really make you stand out if you want to get noticed in the workplace.  Ex. you should always be thinking about others and how you will make their jobs easier.  The article discusses the little details that will help you get yourself noticed without self promotion.  The following six keys will make you stand out to your boss and give you a leg up on your colleagues. 
First piece of advice- be a silent influencer.  Silent influencers are the ones that possess quiet confidence yet speak up often enough to make their voices heard and have tremendous impact while doing it. Second- you get noticed by exceeding the job description.  This is pretty self explanatory.  Go above and beyond what is expected of you.  Third- help your colleagues succeed.  The workplace is a team and if your colleague is succeeding than you are too, especially if you are helping them along the way.  Next is, do not get wrapped up in the political.  Stay away from the politics and keep yourself and your colleagues focused on growth, innovation and opportunity.  Four- constructive conflict.  Being mindful enough to challenge the status quo respectfully and to do it in a manner that assures your colleagues and the organization don’t grow complacent.  Lastly- be yourself.  This is the most important way to get noticed immediately – yet the one that most people still haven’t quite figured out.   When you can be your most authentic self, you are able to deliver your full potential at work each and every day.   It allows you to do steps 1-5 seamlessly and have fun at work again.
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