Playing Sports Is Secret To Women’s Career Success

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This business insider article is about how athletics has helped women succeed in leadership roles. Longitude Research conducted a study focusing on women in leadership roles in the work place.  They studied why women were successful and what type of women held these high powers.  The majority of women in leadership roles were athletes at one point in their life. The study surveyed 400 female executives (49% in the C-suite.  51% in other management positions.  The majority (74%) believe playing sports can help accelerate a woman’s leadership and career potential. 
In total, 94% of the surveyed women participated in sports at some point in their lives, and 61% say it has contributed to their current career success.  “This study validates long-held theories that women who are athletes are well-suited for the business world and have tangible advantages,” says Laura Gentile, vice president of espnW, in a press release. “From work ethic to adaptability to superior problem-solving ability, these women enter the workforce ready to win and demonstrate that ability as they rise throughout their career.”  is that playing sports can help women develop motivational skills, team building skills, and the ability to see projects through to completion — and it equips women with the competitive spirit that’s essential for success on both the playing field and in the workplace.  This is a very interesting study and shows how important it is to be involved in sports and how it gives you a major advantage in the work field.  
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