Solidifying Their Legacy – Trilogy of The Cavs and Warriors

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American sports are remembered in the form of trilogies. The calling for two sides to outlast one another over a long period of time is how the American public truly decides a victor. Dating back to the early 20’s when Babe Ruth faced off against the New York Giants, a single win would not solidify his team in Baseball history.
Prolonged success is the true indicator of what justified Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees to a winning pedestal that will forever be remembered.  In the double trilogy of Sugar Ray Robinson versus Jake LaMotta, Sugar Ray’s five out of six wins are what made him to be remembered by the American public.  Between 2006 and 2008 Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal squared off in three consecutive Wimbledon Finals, with Federer winning two out of three. Even in the world’s greatest sports trilogy, Ali versus Frazier, the third and final battle is central to the legacy of both athletes.
Winning a single matchup against an incredible opponent is noteworthy. To turn that victory from noteworthy to unprecedented, multiple victories are necessary.  As Justin Tinsley, a writer for The Undisputed states, “A trilogy is about who stands the longest. It’s about who can withstand the opponent’s harshest haymaker — only to return with an even more devastating combination.”. The Cavs and Warriors are
no different.
Justin Tinsley’s article uses historical evidence, comparing the trilogy of fights between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to the matchup between the Cavaliers and Warriors.  A trilogy is most important for two reasons. The first, the three battles allow one side to exercise dominance over the other in undisputed success. The second, what goes on between each of the three on-court games is just as important.
The characters are also imperative to the story at hand, but the way in which they interact is far more important.  The passive aggressive nature in which the players on the Warriors and Cavs interact show the public that neither side has forgotten about what has happened the past two meetings at the Championship stage. The legacy, and stars for each team will be sealed with which team comes out on top in this third meeting of the trilogy.
The reason trilogies are so exciting to sports fans is not so much the reality of each individual win. In that moment the wins seem indescribable, but there is something more appetizing, almost euphoric, about
garnering a spot in history.  In a trilogy, there is no almost winner. There is a clear, decisive victor that has withstood the blows the other side has dished out. No matter what the obstacles, no matter what the circumstances, repeated success is the only true measure of a match between two sides.
To the public, the Warriors versus Cavs matchup is a battle between thetwo forces in professional basketball that all members of society are concerned about. The elite make their opinions known, often interacting and publicly attending the battles. The majority of the population, closer to the bottom of the societal pyramid, take to social media and interact with each other in debate of who the best side is. The fact of the matter is that this sports rivalry has not only made its way to the front stage in basketball, but the front stage in American society.  This rivalry goes to show the impact that athletes and sports can have in the world, and history.
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