Ways to Get Noticed During Interviews

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There are many things that are essential when going for your interview.  When you go in you want to put your best foot forward and leaving a lasting good impression, so you will get the job and be successful.  Work.com discusses some things that are essential when going for an interview.  Take notes because these four things are essential in landing the job!  The first thing you want to do before an interview is research the company with which you want to work. Go to its website and look for sales figures, press releases, a mission statement and future goals. Find out what’s important to the company. Employers are impressed when you demonstrate knowledge about the company’s operations.  Come up with a few stories about yourself to share with the interviewer. Think of one success story and a lesson you learned from a past failure.  Ask a friend if he’d be willing to help you practice interviewing.  Wear a professional outfit to the interview, such as a tasteful skirt, suit or wrinkle-free slacks. Do not wear jeans, shorts or skirts that are too short.  Arrive at the interview five to 10 minutes early. Never show up late; the interviewer may think you’ll do the same if he hires you. Don’t show up more than 15 minutes early, though, since the employer might be busy with another appointment or interview.  Carry two copies of your resume with you to the interview: one for the employer, and one for yourself in case you need to jog your memory.  Practice positive body language when you meet the interviewer. Smile, shake his hand and make eye contact. Don’t act nervous or aloof. Make the interviewer feel comfortable with you.  Answer the interviewer’s questions honestly. Don’t downplay your achievements, but don’t lie about your skills or experience, either.  Ask your interviewer some questions when prompted to do so. You might ask about what a typical workday entails or what the interviewer likes best about the job.  Thank the interviewer for his time and say that you’re excited for the chance to work for the company. Leave the interviewer with a positive message and he’s more likely to hire you.  Send a thank-you letter, email or phone call after the interview. Restate your interest in the job and remind the employer of one special skill of yours that will benefit the company.  Follow up with the employer if you don’t hear a decision by the indicated date. If the employer says he chose to hire someone else, ask him tactfully why he made that choice. This can help you refine your technique for future interviews.  These tips will be sure to help you make sure that your interview goes smoothly.  Happy interviewing!

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