What Does A Professional Athlete Do Next? Business Investment is the Answer

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After 13 years in the NBA, Andre Iguodala has a unique future ahead of him. He is looking forward to expanding into the tech industry.  In his article, Iguodala talks about why he believes athletes should position themselves for success long after their playing careers are done.

Andre Iguodala goes into much detail about how his decision to move to the Warriors was not solely based on basketball alone.  Iguodala heavily considered the geographic and social climate of the surrounding communities he would be going into.  The aspect that intrigued him the most about the Bay Area was the booming tech industry which is made up of up and coming billion dollar companies scattered throughout. Iguodala is interested in investing in start-ups to receive a return on his investment.

Iguodala notes that the status of an NBA player or other professional athlete is not to be used as just an extra source of funding for companies. He believes that professional athletes should use their position as public figures to positively mold and contribute to the betterment of companies and communities they are a part of.  The rigors of the pursuit of athletic success can be tough to balance along with the other obstacles that life may throw at you.  The lessons learned from an athlete’s career, however, both on ad off the playing field will impact the rest of their lives.

As Andre Iguodala writes, “athletes are built for more than just the sport. Our work ethic is unparalleled, and we are gifted with an exceptional degree of aspiration and drive, suited for any profession.” Athletes use their foundation in tackling obstacles and overcoming challenges to allow them to gain and understanding and view of life that is impossible to replicate.  Athletes are not just trained to physically dominate, they are conditioned to ultimately succeed in anything they do in life.
Andre Iguodala’s story is one of an unlimited number of stories where an athlete has used the competitive mindset and creative skills developed in sports to continue success after their playing careers.  Andre is not relying on his physial skills to be successful in his life after basketball. He is using the drive, work ethic and desire to win to help him transition into a new industry.

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