What Elite Athletes Can Teach You About Being a Better Business Leader

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This article is about how you can learn from elite athletes in a business way.  Not many people think you can learn much from elite athletes.  We watch them for entertainment, not to necessarily learn something from them.  Elite athletes can teach us a lot about how you can be a better business person and even more so a leader.  Playing sports at an elite level requires commitment, humility, perseverance, and other attributes similar to those of great leaders. In fact, elite athletes can tell us a great deal about how to be better leaders.  Business leaders can draw a number of lessons from those who play sports at an elite level.  Being an elite athlete you learn how to thrive in chaos.  They also tap the right training; Developing relationships with the people who can help you get better is second nature to athletes, but perhaps less so to business leaders, who may try to achieve more on their own.  Don’t skip practice, get things done, win or learn, suck it up and shake it off, and get everyone to play together.   These are all very important things that elite athletes teach us about how to be better in business.  We need to take these pointers and put them to use.


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